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Healthcare Systems Engineering

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    Charting an optimal path
    Healthcare Systems Engineering professional master’s alum Michael Kimball ’13 M.Eng. helps hospitals model data to increase efficiency and provide better care
  • Jared Dashevsky ’18 ’19 M.Eng.: med student, engineer, innovator
    A Lehigh master’s degree in Healthcare Systems Engineering gave him the knowledge, skills, and mindset to turn his problem-solving ideas into startups, while on the path to medical school
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    Matt Christman
    Healthcare Systems Engineering and my medical practice
  • The Emerging and Critical Role
    of Healthcare Systems Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Systems that work do not just happen - they have to be planned, designed and built
UK Royal Academy of Engineering
Our students believe that tomorrow's clinical, administrative and public health leaders need systems engineering methodologies to tackle the complex challenges of healthcare. We give them the tools to take on these challenges and succeed.
Information Session Webinar - Learn about the Program
Learn more about the failing US healthcare systems and how this Master's of Engineering will position you to work towards repairing it.

Healthcare Systems Engineering is ranked #7 in 2020 Best Online Master's Systems Engineering Degrees

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Lehigh's Healthcare Systems Engineering program is ranked 7th in the Guide to Online Schools' best value colleges offering online master's programs in systems engineering. Out of the 24 schools listed, Lehigh is the only school offering a Master's degree in Healthcare Systems Engineering. 

Learn more about our curriculum, online flexibility, and alumni career paths, and reach out to connect with us. 

Medical School Acceptance Rate After HSE Degree
1 in 8
U.S. Jobs Projected to be in Healthcare Sector by 2022
Medical Errors are 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.
Undergrad Majors Represented in Current HSE Student Population
Lehigh is ranked #25 for "Most Innovative Universities" in the U.S.