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Brianna and Leidy both graduated from Lehigh undergrad in 2016, however with majors in Bioengineering and Behavioral Neuroscience, respectively, did not cross paths throughout their 4 years. Both Brianna and Leidy pursued the HSE program after graduation with the goal of completing the program in just one year. When a new opportunity arose within the program, Brianna and Leidy never hesitated to jump right in. They both attended a healthcare hackathon in Philadelphia and ended up working on the same team.  They had a very enjoyable and positive experience. Since the first hackathon, the two attended additional hackathons through the year, participated in (& even organized) certification trainings, became involved in a professional organization, Society for Health Systems (SHS), and always took advantage of the other "extras" in the program. 

Since graduation, Brianna and Leidy have begun successful, yet different careers in the healthcare space. Brianna moved to the DC Metro area and works for Booz Allen Hamilton in their digital execution space. Brianna's current project is for the Center's of Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), and more specifically for the healthcare marketplace (also known as the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare,, etc.). Brianna is a systems integrator for the Marketplace, where she ensures that all parties are communicating new advancements to their partners to ensure that nothing breaks. As part of normal operations, Brianna facilitates the Marketplace's coordination with the Technical Review Board (TRB) to ensure all teams are meeting CMS's Technical Reference Architecture (TRA). In addition, the Marketplace is undergoing a cloud migration out of their current on-premises data centers where Brianna is one of many project managers for the migration.

Leidy moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and started working for Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center as a Quality Improvement Advisor. In this role, Leidy developed and coordinated quality and performance improvement initiatives in support of quality, safety and operational outcomes at Penn State Health. Leidy used her knowledge in performance improvement methodologies and data analytics to advise the inpatient units, as well as, the Hospital Acquired Conditions Performance Improvement teams. A few months ago, Leidy departed her work at Hershey Medical Center to pursue a role in healthcare performance improvement from a system level perspective. She moved to NYC and now works for The Mount Sinai Health System, where she is providing support for improvement initiatives aimed to align and operationalize best practices across the seven hospitals in the health system. Leidy works for the departments of Patient Safety Initiatives and Clinical Excellence Office of the CMO to expedite problem identification and resolution, as well to manage and support the quality and improvement projects aligned with MSHS’ quality and patient safety goals.

Brianna and Leidy continue to participate in hackathons when time allows and continue their involvement with SHS as they have entered into the professional world. HSE served as an excellent foundation for both Brianna & Leidy's careers today and in the future.