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As I progressed through the coursework, I began working on projects through Lehigh’s network at St. Luke’s Hospital on various consulting-type projects. This provided me the opportunity to apply what we were learning in a practical application and it allowed me to portray my clinical background simultaneously. Additionally, for my capstone project, I worked with the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) on a number of naval hospital initiatives. These types of opportunities continued to present themselves through leveraging my HSE education along with my clinical background. As I continued learning more about how and where I could use this new knowledge, the pharmaceutical and health systems industries were more appealing to me. I came to find niche consulting opportunities in the Life Sciences industry and worked through learning in various positions from a Director level to VP and now leading a global team on various projects both in the US and ex-US.

My one piece of advice for those in the HSE program and even recent alums is to take full advantage of the network that you have just opened up through Lehigh. My first two career moves coming out of the program were a direct result of networking with Lehigh Alumni and showcasing my abilities and personality through live interactions. Having access to such a network to learn from and bounce ideas off of and potentially explore career opportunities with is why the program is really a great success and will continue to be in the future.

"The Lehigh HSE program is really evolving and I am excited to see the new alumni coming from the program each year and seeing the great work they are doing in the workforce today."