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Engage, Learn, Grow

Lehigh's HSE program offers professional development resources to help students in today's business climate.   Faculty and mentors provide the tools you will need to succeed in your new role or advance in your present career. Along with the formal coursework, you will have the opportunity further your business and leadership knowledge through various events. 

  • Networking with Industry Council members and sucessful alumni.
  • Attending conferences:  Students attend the Healthcare System Process Improvement Conference, sponsored by the Society for Health Systems.  
  • Hands on experience solving real problems: A 3 credit Capstone Project is part of the 30 credit curiculum. Students can also do an addiional project as one of their 2 electives.    
  • Professional business trips: Students go behind the scenes at various industry locations, allowing the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and connect across a variety of fields and areas of interest. Some locations the students have visited include B. Braun Medical Inc., Capital BlueCross Geneia, and Thomas Jefferson University Health System. 
  • Campus Events and Industry Webinars:  Through out the semester, students are encouraged to participate in industry webinars with various healthcare professionals in open discussions about the need for systems and analytical tools in the improvement of healthcare delivery.