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Student Spotlight: Elyse Stevens, current HSE student

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My favorite aspect of being a member of the HSE community is the opportunity for engagement in a variety of fields. Beginning the program as a new Duquesne Alumnus with my degree in Physics and minors in Mathematics, Biochemistry, and Biology, I was excited to integrate my passion for people and working on systems that provide to them. I am a pre-med student and I chose to pursue my masters with my goals of being a highly renowned surgeon, someone who fiercely advocates for patients, and makes changes happen with a passionate team. My long term goal is to practice surgery and administration. Underserved communities and education are my focal points.

recommend the HSE program to any pre-med like me who is seeking ways to creating positive change within the medical field to join our community. The HSE program can be a medical school gap year program. I started the program as a one year student and changed to a two year student so that I could enjoy my experience as I become an engineer. I chose this program over other options like certificate programs or MS in Biological Science because of HSE’s diverse application when you become a physician rather than preparing for the first year of medical school. The biggest appeal to me was being able to apply my unique interest in physics and engineering to healthcare. It was comforting for me to learn that there is a huge demand for people like me in healthcare who think like engineers but have huge hearts and want to work with people. HSE is a group that supports creating systems which foster patient well-being. We are friendly, driven, and compassionate people. We link the bridge between rationality and understanding that healthcare desperately needs.

Please come visit us and ask questions! I hope that you feel welcome to learn more about us and how you can change the field of medicine.