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Susie Yin, Modeler - Operations Research, Geisinger Health Center

Susie Yin, MEng HSE '15

Healthcare is a necessity. However, healthcare systems around the world are facing issues ranging from excessive wait times to poor quality of care to high costs. While industries such as Manufacturing and Aerospace are applying engineering principles and tools to redesign and improve their processes and outcomes, Healthcare has remained stagnant. However, engineering is gaining popularity in healthcare and it is introducing new concepts in “systems” thinking, LEAN and Six Sigma, simulation/predictive/optimization modeling, and more. As a Modeler in Operations Research, I use engineering tools to make high-level strategic recommendations and work on projects that improve patient access, satisfaction, and flow. I have seen many complex issues and inefficiencies inherent in hospitals, but I have also seen the value engineering brings to each project. Engineering in healthcare is a growing field with many opportunities. Done right, it has the potential to form a seamless and sustainable Healthcare System that produces timely, high-quality care at an affordable price.