• Grasping Infinite Challenges
  • A Systematic Approach
  • Healing Efficiencies
  • Healthcare's Gamechangers


About the Program

The delivery of affordable, effective healthcare is as prominent as it has ever been on the national stage. Beyond the politics, however, lies a simple truth: solutions for this complex challenge require an integrated approach that draws from all sectors of the healthcare field. This includes the medical and provider community and associated insurance and regulatory organizations, as well as experts from the realms of business and economics, information technology, and systems engineering.  

Lehigh’s Professional Master’s (M. Eng.) degree program in Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSE) is designed to provide innovative thinkers with the skills and perspective required to lead health and healthcare organizations in improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. 

Every student will graduate with a broad understanding of the healthcare industry along with the ability to plan, manage and lead projects.  Graduates of the program will possess the technical skills necessary to analyze healthcare systems, identify inefficiencies and propose solutions or new processes to improve the overall quality and efficiency of healthcare.  Having an employee with such skills in invaluable to any healthcare organization. 


  • Hisham Abu-Nabaa, Lehigh University
  • Dr. Muhanad Hirzallah
  • Tom Cassidy, Bayada Home Health Care
  • Anne Baum, Capital Blue Cross
  • The Graduates of Lehigh's Healthcare Systems Engineering Program